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The following is a list of achievements in Oxenfree.

List of achievements

Icon Name Description
Ach-Adler Letters, Pt. 1.jpg Adler Letters, Pt. 1 Collect 4 of Maggie's letters.
Ach-Adler Letters, Pt. 2.jpg Adler Letters, Pt. 2 Collect 8 of Maggie's letters.
Ach-Adler Letters, Pt. 3.jpg Adler Letters, Pt. 3 Collect all of Maggie's letters.
Ach-Fine Toothed Comb.jpg Ghost Stories Find all hidden frequencies.
Ach-I'm the Firestarter.jpg I'm the Firestarter Make enemies with all of your friends.
Ach-It's A Me.jpg It's A Me Jump the crazy chasm in the woods.
Ach-Matchmaker.jpg Matchmaker Get Ren and Nona to date.
Ach-New Beginnings.jpg New Beginnings Jonas is your new step brother.
Ach-Renjamin Spanklin.jpg Renjamin Spanklin Slap Ren in the face.
Ach-The Strong, Silent Type.jpg The Strong, Silent Type Play the whole game without saying anything.
Ach-Thicker than Water.jpg Thicker than Water Bring Michael back from the dead.
Ach-This House is Clear.jpg "This House is Clear" Complete the story.
Ach-You'd just end up hating each other.jpg You'd just end up hating each other. Keep Ren and Nona from dating.