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This is a list of other locations mentioned throughout Oxenfree.

Westedge, OR

Westedge is a fictional town near North Valley, Oregon. It is the hometown of Jonas. He describes it as a place where everyone seems to be either a banker or farmer. When asked if it's nice, Jonas replies "If you like bars on the windows," implying that it likely has its fair share of crime. The town has a park named Peabody, but the sign is in disrepair and instead spells "Pea-pork."

North Valley, OR

North Valley is a fictional town in Oregon. It is well-known enough to serve as a geographic reference point in relation to nearby Westedge.

Cape Meares

"Yesterday, the remains of four bodies were discovered in two cars submerged west of Cape Meares. How the cars got in the water, no one -"

Cape Meares is a small headland on the Pacific coastline in Tillamook County, Oregon. A garbled news broadcast mentioning four bodies found there can be heard at Anomaly 91.5.

Fort Baxter

Fort Baxter is a fictional military installation in Southern California. The U.S. Army Radio Communications School was moved to the fort in 1974 due to the closure of Fort Milner, and still resides there to this day.

Jim Creek Naval Radio Station

"High in the Cascade Mountains of Washington, the U.S. Navy opens the world's largest radio transmitter. Its ten thousand watts can flash a message around the world in a tenth of a second."

The real-world Jim Creek Naval Radio Station is located at Jim Creek near Oso, Washington. It was constructed in 1953. It is mentioned by an unidentified voice inside the Radio Communications School in Fort Milner.