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Alex tuning her radio on the beach.

Using her radio, Alex can tune into many frequencies at different locations around Edwards Island.

Frequencies can include anomalies, the guided tour station, the Cardinal station (140.1) (previously commandeered by Maggie Adler to relay clues leading to her notes), vertices of triangular rifts, and many other miscellaneous radio stations containing World War II-era radio broadcasts/sound effects, old-timey cartoon audio clips, Morse code messages from Anna Shea, distorted music (including tracks from the soundtrack, as well as some EPs by scntfc), and ghostly voices.


Starter Radio

Alex begins the game with a small, souvenir handheld radio with stations ranging from 88 to 107.

WAL-equipped Radio

At a certain point in the game, Alex will find an "upgraded" radio equipped with WAL-system compatibility and increased number of stations, ranging from 50 to 150.

The WAL-System

"WAL" stands for "Wave Assisted Lock", which is a type of radio frequency identification that utilizes assigned call-signs in conjunction with portable two-wave radios to unlock doors and gates. This system was invented by Marianne Bozek, a civilian who worked on Edwards Island developing communications protection in her office, otherwise known as the Data Command Annex located in Discovery Cliffs. Though this system is quite outdated, it is still used on the island as a homage to its "rich history".[1]


New Game+ introduces intercoms, which are large, mounted radios that Alex can use to send messages into the past in certain parts throughout a New Game+ playthrough.


Magnetophones appear during time-loops and are used to re-sync the timeline to fix the loop. In order to do this, the player must wind the reel to a certain tempo.


Radios have a significant role throughout the lore and story of Oxenfree.

Its uses include:

  • Tuning into vertices of the triangle rifts.
  • Tuning into/interacting with mysterious, glowing red objects.
  • Access the informational guided tour station, 102.3.
  • Finding anomalies.
  • Tuning into the Cardinal station (140.1) to hear clues relayed by Maggie Adler in order to find her hidden notes.
  • In the case of the intercoms, send messages to past-Alex (New Game+).
  • Discover other strange phenomena around the island.


  • According to the Gateway Steam trading card, the "unexplained signals" on the island can be picked up by any portable FM receiver, and mentions that white noise that is persistent for more than fifteen minutes can kill small dogs:
    • DID YOU KNOW? Along the coastline, still yet unexplained signals can be heard on any portable FM receiver. The sound of white noise, if persistent for more than fifteen minutes, can kill small dogs. - Edwards Island Visitors Bureau